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gm eric hansen

Eric Hansen, age 25, is an International Grandmaster from Western Canada.

Eric was born in California but he grew up in Calgary, Alberta. Although not a child prodigy, he always improved quite a lot in small periods of time. Eric became Canadian Champion in 2011 at the age of 18 and later went on to become a Grandmaster at the age of 21.

Eric is known for having made all three of his Grandmaster norms within a period of just 3 weeks, one of the fastest climbs from IM to GM in history. He is an online blitz and bullet specialist, ranking among the top on every website.

Lately, Eric has been focusing on growing the Chessbrah brand while continuing to define himself as Canada’s best chess player and aspiring to be one of the world’s elite.

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Aman Hambleton, age 24, is an International Master currently living in Montreal, Canada.

Aman started playing chess at a very young age but made his mark in the International scene in 2012 when he gained upwards of 250 ELO in less than a year, achieving his IM title in 2013. He competed on Canada’s Olympic team in 2014 and now has one GM norm and is actively traveling to compete for the GM title.

Currently stagnating around 2450, there is much to learn from his Grandmaster peers, but he has a unique place on the Chessbrah stream as a comedian, impressionist, and quick bullet player with a dedicated positional style.

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gm robin van kampen

Robin van Kampen, age 23, is an International Grandmaster from Bussum, Netherlands. He is the youngest Chessbrah, but also the highest rated with a FIDE of 2643.

Robin was introduced to chess early in his life, and began making notable achievements at a very young age. At the age of 14 he won the U20 Netherlands Chess Championships and by the age of 16 he had already earned the title of International Grandmaster, the youngest ever Dutch Grandmaster at the time.

Currently, Robin is a semi-professional chess player. During the week he is a student at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and on the weekends he competes in various chess leagues across Europe, reminding us that it is possible to maintain a high level in chess while still excelling in academics.

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Miodrag Perunovic, age 39, is an International Master from Nis, Serbia. Miodrag was born and raised in Serbia, where he learned chess from his brother at the relatively late age of 12.

His first major chess success came in 2000 when he was crowned the Champion of Central Serbia. After a period of stagnation, Miodrag earned his FIDE Master title at the beginning of 2003 and then earned an unbelievable 7 IM norms over the next 6 months en route to becoming an International Master the very same year.

He passed the bar exam after graduating college with a Law Degree, and since 2005 is one of the most active chess coaches worldwide. Fluent in English, French, and Serbian, Miodrag has been the coach of over 450 students from various countries, including our very own GM Eric Hansen.

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Lefong Hua, age 35, is a FIDE Master from Montreal, Canada. He currently still lives in Montreal where he is a full time chess coach and trainer. Bilingual in English and French, he manages his own private students as well as regularly hosting weekly chess classes and summer camps for kids.

Lefong was a child prodigy in chess, most notably finishing 5th place in the 1992 World Youth Chess Championships alongside future top GM’s Grischuk, Vallejo Pons, and Bacrot.

Currently, he has a FIDE rating of 2277 which has remained this since 2007 after he took a leave from competitive play. However, in 2016 Lefong will be making his return to the tournament scene and is extremely motivated to earn the IM title and showcase his potential as a player.

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Elias Oussedik, age 26, is a National Master originally from New Brunswick, Canada.

He grew up in a small town without much chess culture and therefore had to make most of his improvements by himself and through the internet. Elias currently has a FIDE rating above 2200 which is impressive considering that he does not dedicate himself to chess full-time.

Elias is known in the Chessbrah stream as ‘The Doctor’ as he is currently a medical student focusing on Dermatology. When medical studies are less intense, Elias chooses to appear on stream, study chess, and travel and compete in local and international tournaments where time permits.

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