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Eric Hansen

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Eric Hansen, age 25, is a Grandmaster from Western Canada.

Eric was born in California but he grew up in Calgary, Alberta. Although not a child prodigy, he improved quite a lot in a short period of time. Eric became the Canadian Champion in 2011 at the age of 18 and later went on to become a Grandmaster at the age of 21. His current FIDE rating is 2629, an all-time high.

Eric is known for having made all three of his Grandmaster norms within a period of just 3 weeks, the fastest climb from IM to GM in history. He is an online blitz and bullet specialist, ranking among the very elite on every website.

Eric is the face and visionary behind Chessbrah as a brand, and continues to push the boundaries of chess entertainment. Although recently inactive, Eric still mantains serious ambitions to become the highest rated player in Canada and enter the top-100 in the world.

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